Wednesday, October 14, 2009

33 weeks...almost there!

I had my 32 week check up last week. Unfortunately, I have been having quiet a bit of discomfort and contractions so I had a bunch of questions. Yes, I know discomfort is part of being pregnant but I should be able to walk to the bathroom, right?! Not to mention, I have had quiet a few people say to me "Wow, you've dropped! You must be getting ready to go any day now!" Yes, a total stranger at the grocery even said that to I that big?
Anyway, the doctor did confirm that Riley is sitting pretty low. Her head is still "floating" (whatever that means) so that is a good sign. However, he said that considering my symptoms and the fact that I delivered Griffin at 37wks and 5 days he was concerned about an early Riley arrival. They don't have a NICU at the base hospital so if labor was to start prior to 37 weeks I would have take a helicopter ride down to Seattle. That definitely wouldn't be good. So he recommended I take it easy from here on all aspects of my day to day activity. Hmmm, It sounds like that might include my workouts that I teach.
Well, of course I continued to teach a couple more classes while I pondered to what extent I should take it easy. After my class the other night, my hips and back were hurting pretty bad again. If that wasn't enough, when I went to get off the couch I heard and felt a pop in my pelvic area...then it pop back. Oh, the pain was intense. I knew immediately that something had to give. I am always telling my clients to listen to their body...that is the number one rule when it come to exercising during pregnancy. It was time that I took my own advice. Sadly, today I passed on my two evening classes to another instructor.
On the bright side, I still have my Moms Strength class on Monday and Wednesday morning and Chad just bought me a BOB Ironman double jogging stroller so Griffin and I will have to break it in with a few walks a week. Exercise is still very important and healthy for me and Riley. I just have to learn to find a happy medium. I'm can be stubborn, so sometimes I refuse to except the fact that workout intensities are going to be different from when I was not pregnant...especially at 33 plus weeks.
Still, I am happy to announce that at my 32 week check up I was only up to 21 pounds. I was right on track with only gain four pounds in the last four weeks. My goal is to stay under 30 pounds (25-35lbs is the recommended weight gain). Let's see if I can make that happen now that I had to give up two of my weekly intense workouts. I might have to give up my new found love for root beer floats!