Thursday, December 3, 2009

39 long weeks and all worth it!

Riley Ann Tucker

Born: November 26th at 7:12AM

Weight: 7lbs 7oz

Height: 20 inches

The day before delivery!

I'm going to have to admit, I'm not very good at pregnancy. Honestly, my biggest weakness the whole time was my number one rule that I tell my pregnant clients...listen to your body! I pushed my body to its limits all the way up until the end. I taught group exercise classes up until I was 36 weeks pregnant and then continued on with P90X (I had to make sure Chad wasn't slackin') up until the end, hiking and I even ran (waddled) stairs in an effort to keep my contractions going...craaaaaazy! I have to say that a great deal of my discomfort was a result of all that. Don't get me wrong, exercise is so incredibly important during pregnancy. But, next time (if there's a next time haha) I am going to try harder to listen to my body and adjust my workouts accordingly. I did manage to only gain 27 pounds this time! While labor was a little more intense, pushing was a piece of cake! I only pushed one time! All those squats and lunges really did pay off. Recovery was much easier and my body is taking it's pre-pregnancy shape much faster. I'm only one week in and I can almost button my pre-pregnancy jeans...yay!
38wks pregnant and trying anything and everything to induce labor!

So, like I said, my labor wasn't quite as short as with Griffin. I labored for 12 hours but when it was finally time to push it was over in a flash. We welcomed Riley Ann into the world on Thanksgiving day at 7:12AM. She had me wrapped around her finger at that very second. She is such an amazing little girl that brings my heart so much joy. I always wondered how I could love another little person as much as I loved Griffin. Someone told me that you grow another heart and that couldn't be more true. She is such a blessing and I thank God every day for my two wonderful children. I love both my children with ALL my HEARTS!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

33 weeks...almost there!

I had my 32 week check up last week. Unfortunately, I have been having quiet a bit of discomfort and contractions so I had a bunch of questions. Yes, I know discomfort is part of being pregnant but I should be able to walk to the bathroom, right?! Not to mention, I have had quiet a few people say to me "Wow, you've dropped! You must be getting ready to go any day now!" Yes, a total stranger at the grocery even said that to I that big?
Anyway, the doctor did confirm that Riley is sitting pretty low. Her head is still "floating" (whatever that means) so that is a good sign. However, he said that considering my symptoms and the fact that I delivered Griffin at 37wks and 5 days he was concerned about an early Riley arrival. They don't have a NICU at the base hospital so if labor was to start prior to 37 weeks I would have take a helicopter ride down to Seattle. That definitely wouldn't be good. So he recommended I take it easy from here on all aspects of my day to day activity. Hmmm, It sounds like that might include my workouts that I teach.
Well, of course I continued to teach a couple more classes while I pondered to what extent I should take it easy. After my class the other night, my hips and back were hurting pretty bad again. If that wasn't enough, when I went to get off the couch I heard and felt a pop in my pelvic area...then it pop back. Oh, the pain was intense. I knew immediately that something had to give. I am always telling my clients to listen to their body...that is the number one rule when it come to exercising during pregnancy. It was time that I took my own advice. Sadly, today I passed on my two evening classes to another instructor.
On the bright side, I still have my Moms Strength class on Monday and Wednesday morning and Chad just bought me a BOB Ironman double jogging stroller so Griffin and I will have to break it in with a few walks a week. Exercise is still very important and healthy for me and Riley. I just have to learn to find a happy medium. I'm can be stubborn, so sometimes I refuse to except the fact that workout intensities are going to be different from when I was not pregnant...especially at 33 plus weeks.
Still, I am happy to announce that at my 32 week check up I was only up to 21 pounds. I was right on track with only gain four pounds in the last four weeks. My goal is to stay under 30 pounds (25-35lbs is the recommended weight gain). Let's see if I can make that happen now that I had to give up two of my weekly intense workouts. I might have to give up my new found love for root beer floats!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Blame It on the Lunges!

My husband and I had a small scare the other night. It was about 8 o'clock in the evening and I sent my husband up to the grocery to satisfy my craving for ice cream. In the mean time I decided to jump in the shower as I had just finished teaching a killer Spinning class. This was actually my second class of the day as I was asked to sub for another instructor. I know, I was told to kick the two-a-days to the curb, but she was in a bind and I have trouble telling people no.

Anyway, as I was bent over blow drying my hair with a diffuser I noticed a small amount of blood on the inside of my thighs. In disbelief, I waddled over to go to the bathroom...sure enough, more blood. I started to panic a little. As I ran (more like a quick waddle) down stairs to find the number for labor and delivery, I started to second guess my idea of exercise during pregnancy. Was I pushing myself too hard? No, I've been listening to my body and avoiding the mistake of exercising to exhaustion. All my education told me it was good for me and Riley. Still, I couldn't help but wondering if teaching two that day and pushed me over the edge. The pressure in my pelvic area had been increasingly painful, the infamous waddle had recently made its debut, I felt nauseated in my Mom's Boot Camp class earlier that day and I felt like Riley could literally stick her hand out and wave at me she was so low.

The labor and delivery nurse advised me to come in just to be safe. Even though I wasn't gushing blood, I honestly couldn't remember the last time I felt Riley move...that really alarmed me considering she usually performs kickboxing class on my stomach most of the day. Upon arrival, they hooked me up to monitor Riley's heart rate and activity. We held our breath until we heard that beautiful heart to our ears. While Riley was doing just fine, they told me that my uterus was irritable. I had never heard of that term before. Basically, I was having small contractions...WHAT?!?! I'm only 25 weeks into this! Riley is nowhere near done cooking!

Still, they didn't seem to panic. They kept me for a little while and sure enough, my uterus took a chill pill. Her heart rate was perfect and the contractions faded...phew! Of course, I wanted to know what the heck caused this...were my lunges to blame? I thought for sure they were going to tell me that exercise was the enemy. To my surprise, they emphasized the fact that my exercise was in no form or fashion the antagonist. They explained that she has just set up camp incredibly low in my pelvic area. This causes a great deal of pressure and ruptured blood vessels causing the bleeding. After examination, they determined that my cervix is still long and closed. Riley is at no risk of making an early appearance.

They asked me to take it easy for a week and then cleared me to hit the weights just like I was before. I have a renewed confidence in my dedication to exercising during my pregnancy. Oh, did I mention I have only gained 15 lbs. I'm right on track to gaining a healthy 25-35 lbs. With that in mind, Chad and I hit McDonald's on the way home for chicken nuggets and french fries...hehe. Then we rounded out the night with that ice cream I sent him to the store for hours earlier. Did I feel guilty? Not at all! It's okay to give into those crazy pregnancy craving once in a while. Just don't make it a habit.

Side note...Chad is also down five or so pounds. Last time he gained a little weight right along with me. Guess my healthy obsession with exercise and nutrition is rubbing off!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Its a....

GIRL...Riley Ann Tucker!

I know this post is a little late, but on July 17 we had the "big" ultra sound. As soon as the image popped up I was convinced it was a boy. The technician came up from under the butt and I was sure I saw "something". I forgot how amazing it is to watch as the technician explores the heart, little legs and face(totally has Chad's lips). I swear she even gave us a thumbs up one time. However, when it came time for the tech to explore down there, we opted to close our eyes and have him put the result in an was torture (we kind of stole that fun idea from our friends, Lindsey and Nick).

Griffin was at a friends house playing so we decided to indulge in some Mexican and open our envelope. We had originally wanted to go out for a nice dinner but my stay in the hospital the day before left me a little low on energy (picture uncontrollable vomiting, extreme abdominal pain, dizziness, and dehydration...not a good scenario for Riley). Anyways, we could barley stand the 5 minute drive to the restaurant, so I don't know how we would've made it all the way to dinner.

I know Chad could barely stand it so when we arrived I kept making Chad wait by saying I had to go to the bathroom..twice, or after we get our chips, and lets order our food first. Honestly, I was totally expecting, and completely excited, to be having a boy. We had everything we needed, I loved the name we picked out (Cooper), we just knew what to expect with a boy. So, when we opened the envelope and the picture said "Baby Girl" we were caught a little off guard. I'm not sure which happen first but a tear rolled down both of our faces and I think we both might have peed ourselves a little (not far fetched for me, I sneeze and pee these days...ugh...more kegels).

We couldn't stop smiling and when our food came Chad blurted out "we're having a GIRL" to our cute. We are so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to have one of each. We honestly would have been excited either way. After experiencing the joys of of Griffin, how could we be disappointed with a little boy! However, with one of each, now I don't have to go for number three if I don't want too...oh, the freedom.

Telling our parents was so much fun. We knew they all were secretly hoping for a little girl (my dad was not so secret about it as he complained his son-in-laws didn't know how to make little girls...he has 3 grandsons). Being the first granddaughter on both sides, we knew Riley might be a little on the spoiled side. So, we opened with "You had better get a second job!" Needless to say, since our ultra sound, the pink gear has really started to roll in. The same night my parents found out, they went on a Riley shopping spree and Chad's mom has already fitted Riley with her very own pink Ohio State attire.

Griffin, on the other hand, was a whole different story. When we told him, he was too busy playing with his friend Maggie to really care. However, his tune changed that night at bed time. Every night all three (4 if you count our black lab) lay in his bed and talk about our day. Riley was the subject of choice this time. We asked him if he was excited to have a sister. He told us no. I said, "Oh, you wanted a brother?" He burst into tears and said he wanted neither. Our hearts broke in a million pieces for him. We tried to explain to him that having a baby didn't change how special he was to us. We made up a song about how Riley was going to need his big brother to protect her...didn't help much. We said good night but he called me back in within 15 minutes. He requested I sing the "mommy-Griffin" song. Again, my heart broke in a million pieces. After I was done singing about how special Griffin is to mommy he fell right to sleep.

Over the pass couple of weeks, he has warmed up to the idea of a baby sister. He wears his new Big Brother t-shirt all the time, kisses my belly and tells Riley he loves her. We really talk up his roll as Riley's big brother and mommy's helper. It has been just me and Grif for the pass three years (and Chad when he's not flying) so I can see how this can be scary for him. However, we are already planning ways to carve out time for just Griffin.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twenty Weeks Today!

Check out my baby bump!

Wahoo! I am at my halfway mark. I am happy to announce that I just might not have been cheated out of my honeymoon stage after all. I finally got my taste for coffee back. I no longer gag at the smell of my husband's morning cup of joe. So, with a little help from Folgers, I got a little pep in my step again.

Funny story! I had been practically dragging myself to the group fitness classes that I teach. However, the first day I could drink coffee, I drank a half cup before I went to class. Instead of dragging myself in, I bounced in...seriously. I know people were looking at me funny but I didn't care. I was ready to go. During warm ups, I warned them that they were in for it. At the end of class, they could barely pick themselves off their mats and they accused me of trying to kill was so good to be back!

As for the baby. Let just call "it" a she for fun. She is currently sitting so low I feel like I might birth her at any second. I don't remember this with Griffin but I have been told I'm all stretched out from him (oh, the joys of pregnancy) and that is why she's clinging to my pelvic bones. She is an incredible little gymnast and does her floor routine day and night. Even Chad has already been able to feel her dance moves.

Unfortunately, I already have trouble sleeping at night. I just can't get comfortable. I am usually a back sleeper and that position is a no-go. I have even tried sleeping on the couch a few times. Chad's so cute. He layers all the blankets on the floor next to me so that he can sleep by my side. Anyway, the couch was short lived. I toss and turn all night. When I'm not tossing and turning, I'm headed to the bathroom...ugh!

Nevertheless, I'm half way and happy to have some energy back so I can keep up with my amazing little three year old. I've been soaking up every second with him. He keeps telling me that I have a girl in my tummy. However, he also told me I had two in there about ten weeks glad he was wrong about that. We only have to wait a couple more days to find out if he's right.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

17 Weeks and Counting

It is official, today I have 17 weeks down and only 23 weeks to go. So what has changed over the last 7 weeks? I have officially gained 4 pounds. Yes, my scales are on the way up. However, it seems that my weight has redistributed itself right to my midsection. I've somehow managed to develop love handles instead of that cute little baby bump. I don't know how that is possible with 5-6 exhausting workouts a week but, nevertheless, they are there. My clothes no longer fit comfortably but maternity clothes are way too big. I'm stuck in that in between stage where you don't look pregnant, you just look like you gave into one too many cravings for cheese fries...ugh.

One the brighter side, I am no longer in my first trimester. I've entered what many call the "honeymoon" stage. The second trimester is suppose to be the best weeks of a long pregnancy. Apparently, the pregnancy gods forgot about me. While the constant churning of my stomach has subsided, my second wind is nowhere to be found. A constant state of exhaustion has taken over, headaches are a common occurrence and that cyatic nerve makes my hip feel like it's ninety years old. Mom, stop shaking your head. I know, I must be pushing myself too hard at the gym. Don't forget, I have a two year old that runs circles around me all day long. He's a workout in and of himself. I voiced my concern to the doc and he assured me that the baby is going to get all he or she needs. He or she is not suffering from my zombie-like state. Nope, I'm the only one suffering. I am working on it. I'm taking more naps when Griffin naps and I'm trying to do more instructing and less doing in my fitness classes. Still, I feel like I'm being robbed of my heavenly honeymoon stage.

Oh, one more thing. My brain seems to be made of mush these days. I went to my last prenatal appointment a weeks early, tried to pay at a restaurant with my drivers license, and I come in and out of the house 10 times before I actually pull out of the drive way. Thankfully I haven't forgot Griffin...yet!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Small Victories

Yesterday I went to the doctors for my 10 week ultra sound. We were so excited to see his or her heart beat for the first time and see the body start to take shape. However, before we got to the good stuff we had to get past my demon first...yes, the oh so dreaded scale.

With my last pregnancy, the scale really was my enemy. They tell you to keep your weight gain right around 25. I ran until I was seven months along and exercised until the little guy popped out and to see the scale shoot all the way up to 43 was discouraging. Yes, I lost 20 pounds within a couple weeks of delivery, but the remaining 23 was ridiculous. So, I promised myself that I wouldn't let that happen with the next baby.

So, here I am, facing my first obstacle. I am at the end of the first trimester and I know that not one pound of weight gain is necessary during those first 12 weeks. However, I have given in to a few not so healthy cravings. Still, I have continued to workout with my classes just as I did before I was pregnant. With my husband standing behind me (just as nervous as me because he knows he wouldn't hear the end of it if I gain a pound), I step up and wait for that number to pop up (picture Biggest Loser weigh in). After what felt like an eternity, my pre-pregnancy number popped up... WAHOO!!! Chad and I both did a small victory hop in excitement. The nurse thought we were crazy but not gaining a single pound was a small Tucker victory.

I couldn't help but share my excitement with the doc. We laughed and he continued to tell me that he didn't care how much weight I gained as long as I gained at least 15 pounds. I assured him that 15 pounds wouldn't be a problem. He explained that 15 is really all I need for a healthy baby and "the rest is on me." No, my new goal isn't to only gain 15 pounds. However, I do want to stay as close to 25 as I can.

After all the talk about weight we finally got to the good stuff...the ultra sound. With the issues that I've had with endometrios, a small part of me feared that something would be wrong. I was relieved when the little body popped up and I could see his or her heart beating a mile a minute. It was amazing to us. I think we are able to appreciate it a little bit more this go round since we know the joy that a child brings to one's life.

The baby measured a teeny tiny 2.4cm and around .07 ounce, about the size of a strawberry. The baby has little hands, feet, fingers and toes. He or she is a wiggling and dancing around in there. Although I can't feel it yet, we could see it on the ultra sound. The heart rate came in at a strong 177 BPM. Old wives tales would predict a GIRL. But, as long as she or he is healthy I will be a happy momma.

The baby still gives me a run for my money both day and night. Meat by no means sounds good to me but pasta and popsicles usually hit the spot. Baked Lays are my go to when it comes to my nausea and they usually do the trick...for a little while anyway. My energy is still no where to be found but my first trimester is coming to a close so I look forward to my come back. I'm still hitting the gym hard. That usually gives me an energy boost for a couple of hours. However, my two-a-days usually leave me exhausted. I will keep you posted as I sail into the next trimester. I have high hopes for weeks 13-27...the so called "honeymoon period."