Tuesday, June 23, 2009

17 Weeks and Counting

It is official, today I have 17 weeks down and only 23 weeks to go. So what has changed over the last 7 weeks? I have officially gained 4 pounds. Yes, my scales are on the way up. However, it seems that my weight has redistributed itself right to my midsection. I've somehow managed to develop love handles instead of that cute little baby bump. I don't know how that is possible with 5-6 exhausting workouts a week but, nevertheless, they are there. My clothes no longer fit comfortably but maternity clothes are way too big. I'm stuck in that in between stage where you don't look pregnant, you just look like you gave into one too many cravings for cheese fries...ugh.

One the brighter side, I am no longer in my first trimester. I've entered what many call the "honeymoon" stage. The second trimester is suppose to be the best weeks of a long pregnancy. Apparently, the pregnancy gods forgot about me. While the constant churning of my stomach has subsided, my second wind is nowhere to be found. A constant state of exhaustion has taken over, headaches are a common occurrence and that cyatic nerve makes my hip feel like it's ninety years old. Mom, stop shaking your head. I know, I must be pushing myself too hard at the gym. Don't forget, I have a two year old that runs circles around me all day long. He's a workout in and of himself. I voiced my concern to the doc and he assured me that the baby is going to get all he or she needs. He or she is not suffering from my zombie-like state. Nope, I'm the only one suffering. I am working on it. I'm taking more naps when Griffin naps and I'm trying to do more instructing and less doing in my fitness classes. Still, I feel like I'm being robbed of my heavenly honeymoon stage.

Oh, one more thing. My brain seems to be made of mush these days. I went to my last prenatal appointment a weeks early, tried to pay at a restaurant with my drivers license, and I come in and out of the house 10 times before I actually pull out of the drive way. Thankfully I haven't forgot Griffin...yet!


  1. I hope your energy comes back and you get at least a couple weeks of the honeymoon period! It's only fair. :) It was great catching up with you yesterday. Can't wait to hear what you're having next month!!!

  2. I'm going to predict that it's a girl! With my son, I was all cute prego belly...with Carly, I experienced the same type of weight distribution you're talking about...at least you're exercising! I didn't, and sometimes feel like I'm still paying for it, and she's 4 1/2! Good luck!!

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