Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twenty Weeks Today!

Check out my baby bump!

Wahoo! I am at my halfway mark. I am happy to announce that I just might not have been cheated out of my honeymoon stage after all. I finally got my taste for coffee back. I no longer gag at the smell of my husband's morning cup of joe. So, with a little help from Folgers, I got a little pep in my step again.

Funny story! I had been practically dragging myself to the group fitness classes that I teach. However, the first day I could drink coffee, I drank a half cup before I went to class. Instead of dragging myself in, I bounced in...seriously. I know people were looking at me funny but I didn't care. I was ready to go. During warm ups, I warned them that they were in for it. At the end of class, they could barely pick themselves off their mats and they accused me of trying to kill was so good to be back!

As for the baby. Let just call "it" a she for fun. She is currently sitting so low I feel like I might birth her at any second. I don't remember this with Griffin but I have been told I'm all stretched out from him (oh, the joys of pregnancy) and that is why she's clinging to my pelvic bones. She is an incredible little gymnast and does her floor routine day and night. Even Chad has already been able to feel her dance moves.

Unfortunately, I already have trouble sleeping at night. I just can't get comfortable. I am usually a back sleeper and that position is a no-go. I have even tried sleeping on the couch a few times. Chad's so cute. He layers all the blankets on the floor next to me so that he can sleep by my side. Anyway, the couch was short lived. I toss and turn all night. When I'm not tossing and turning, I'm headed to the bathroom...ugh!

Nevertheless, I'm half way and happy to have some energy back so I can keep up with my amazing little three year old. I've been soaking up every second with him. He keeps telling me that I have a girl in my tummy. However, he also told me I had two in there about ten weeks glad he was wrong about that. We only have to wait a couple more days to find out if he's right.


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better and congrats on being at the half way mark!!

  2. Glad you're feeling better! I hope you continue to feel great for the rest of the pregnancy. Hang in there! Can't wait to meet that little girl!

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